Express Yourself

Draw, Act, Snap, and more in our captivating art series. There's a little something for everyone as we explore various art forms. Every class is hands-on with projects and in-class assignments that stretch your student's imagination and creativity. Our interactive classes will encourage your child to express themselves.
Continue your child's art education at home with supplemental activities for your portfolio.

Visual Arts

Seeing the World through a Lens

Quarter One

In this beginner's photography course children will explore how to create an interesting photograph. They will learn things like how to pick their subject, frame it using (or breaking) the Rule of Thirds, include various elements to create interest, and how lighting and angle affect the way an image feels. Each week children will be given an opportunity to practice what they've learned by photographing the grounds, each other, or a specific provided subject.

Children will need to bring their own camera. This can be a DSLR, compact, mirrorless, or even just a smartphone camera! (There are many kid's cameras available on Amazon.) This is NOT a technical course on how cameras work and more advanced topics such as depth of field will not be discussed. Children should be taught by their caregiver how to press the shutter to make an image on their particular camera prior to coming to this class.

Boom! Pow! Zap! Drawing Comics

Quarter Two

In this exciting, 6-week course, students will learn to brainstorm, develop characters and plots, and turn thumbnail sketches into comics with panels and captions. Some drawing instruction will be provided to enhance emanata, but even stick figures can be comics! We'll work together to turn a story into a comic, then students will help each other develop exciting characters and stories for their very own comic book.

Architecture as Art

Quarter Three

Is architecture an art? Anyone who has stared up at the Eiffel Tower or crossed the Golden Gate Bridge would say it is. In this course, we will examine iconic pieces of architecture and try our hand at building some grand creations of our own. Towers, Bridges, Arches, and more will be featured each week for our students to build in cooperative exercises.

Performing Arts

Let's Put on a Play

Quarter Two

Let your child experience the fun of putting on a theatrical performance! Children in this class will audition for roles in a play and then learn how to convey different meaning through tone and body language, block a scene, pantomime, improvise, and memorize lines. At the end of the quarter, the children will show family and friends what they have been practicing in a final performance complete with costumes and props! The play this quarter will be a hilarious retelling of a classic fairytale called "Hansel and Gretal and the Creepy Woods" by Jeannette Jaquish.

Performance will be on December 5 at 6pm at Lakes Regional Library.

Music Appreciation

Quarter Two

In six weeks, we'll travel through time and around the globe to listen to and analyze beautiful, emotional, and thought-provoking musical creations. As a class, we will discuss how different music makes us feel, we'll create our own rhythms and find music in nature. Visual arts, games and more will enhance our learning and listening experience. Special musical guests may present live renditions of culturally rich music.

Improvisation Course

Quarter Four

Coming Soon!