Global Trek

Follow our journey around the world as we explore a new region each quarter. We'll highlight different countries each week as we study the following topics: Geography and Topography, History, World Religions, Celebrations, Music, and Food. The adventure won't stop at the end of class; we'll provide supplemental activities to do at home for your student's portfolio. Special guests and student presentations will combine with fun hands-on and group activities to create a memorable social studies experience.

Journey to Europe

Quarter One

Journey to Europe will be the first in our 4-quarter Global Trek Series. Highlighting the exciting aspects of European customs and traditions, like the royal families, this class is an opportunity for your student to feel like they are immersed in Europe every week.

Passage to Asia

Quarter Two

In quarter 2, we'll make the Passage to Asia to study the rich and engaging history and culture of the Far East. From the iconic music of India to the peak of Mount Everest, our Asian adventure is sure to fascinate your student.

Odyssey to Africa & Australia

Quarter Three

Third quarter will take us deep into the heart of Africa and far out to the Outback. Odyssey to Africa & Australia will feature the intriguing and often unexplored cultures of these two remarkable continents.

Expedition to the Americas

Quarter Four

After spending the first three quarters traveling abroad, we will finally bring it home in Expedition to the Americas. Each week, we will examine different elements of North, South, and Central American culture. Expedition to the Americas will be an exciting new opportunity to look at our own culture through new lenses and examine how the American continents are alike and different.