In Your Own Words

Encouraging a love of words is the goal of this series. Each quarter will focus on a different component of Language Arts, allowing your student to explore the art of writing and literature in a supportive group environment. Games and stories will draw your student in, and encourage them to express themselves in their own words. Independent reading and writing not required except where noted.
This course is a great supplement to your regular language arts curriculum. Additional activities for home and your portfolio will be provided.

Reading Comprehension

Quarter One

Strengthen vocabulary and improve text comprehension while playing games! Students will work on identifying the main idea and key details of stories, differentiate between facts and opinions, and decode figurative language. Interactive and cooperative group activities help delve into ways of deciphering new words and develop the strong foundation required to master comprehension.
No writing and reading skills required.

Comparative Literature

Quarter Two

What makes a good story? In this class, students will discuss characters, make predictions and compare pieces of literature. Using charts and diagrams, we'll break down the story elements, theme, plot and point of view. Interactive games, stories, and projects will bring the words to life and strengthen your child's understanding of literary concepts.
No writing and reading skills required.

Public Speaking

Quarter Three

"All speaking is public speaking, whether it's to one person or a thousand." -Roger Love. In this course, students will have the opportunity to present various speech to the class. The art of listening, as well as presenting will be emphasized to ensure that all students are able to practice in a safe atmosphere. Special Guest, Jeff Elliot, will answer questions and share his experiences as a radio host and voiceover actor.
No writing and reading skills required.

Writing Composition

Quarter Four

Put your pen to paper! In the last quarter of this series, students will learn to brainstorm, write a short story, and write various types of poetry. They will also write letters, address envelopes and study grammar, writing techniques, and more. This class will be interactive and group-based, encouraging students to work together to create written masterpieces. Games will be used to reinforce learning and creativity.
Writing skills required: Students should be able to construct words and sentences independently.