Life Skills

Preparation is the key to success, and our life skills series is all about preparation. When our students complete this course, they'll be ready to be a helpful member of their community.
Reinforce these new skills at home with our supplemental materials.

Logic: Ground Zero

Quarter One

Welcome to Logic: Ground Zero! This is an introductory course to open children’s minds to the vast world of logic while developing skills they can begin applying in their lives today. The focus will always be teaching the students how to think not what to think as we explore six main categories: analogies, puzzles, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, riddles, and basic argument evaluation. The classes will be a combination of instruction time mixed with games and student involvement will be key. I warn you though, by the end of this course, I expect all of the children to question everything (if they do not already) so be ready to break out your logically-based explanations!

Operation: Cooperation

Quarter Two

In Operation Cooperation, we will be focusing on our students as a whole and introducing concepts necessary to encourage personal growth and interpersonal skills. We will explore six character traits: attentiveness, diligence, honesty, gratefulness, forgiveness, and respect, identifying them in nature or in history and learning where to apply them in our own lives today! Discussions will be open-ended and focused on encouraging students to be creative with where they can start practicing these skills while the activities will be fun outlets that reinforce the concepts they are learning. Further materials will be provided to help support character growth at home so the whole family can get involved!

"Character is simply habit long continued." -Plutarch


Quarter Three

Quarter 3 of Life skills will focus on pracitcal home skills. Students will complete a project or activity each class that will prepare them for the future (and hopefully make them more useful around the house.) Topics will include sewing, using common tools, preparing food, first aid, and more. In this class, students will learn to do it yourself!

Community Champions

Quarter Four

It is never too early to start teaching our children about community involvement and how one little voice can make a difference! This class is going to begin by guiding our students to discover what is a community, and what communities they may be a part of. This will be the framework to help them reflect on problems they may have observed or improvements that could be made. Through our 6-week course, we will work together as a group to select a community service project and work through the problem(s), solutions, and implementation to make an improvement in our community. Small children can have big voices and this will be a really awesome opportunity for them to learn how to make their voices heard.
Although not a requirement to enroll in each, there may be some overlap between Community Skills and Protecting our Environment.