Leaning Middle

For our deep thinking 9 to 13 year olds, we have a unique mind-expanding program designed to engage your student in real-world knowledge and problem solving. Each class tackles a different style of thinking, in a supportive and social environment.

The age range is flexible, however these classes require students to read and write at 5th grade level.
Students should bring a lined composition notebook.

Quarter 2

The Science of Climate Change: Part 1

Block 1 (9:00am)

A hands-on course by Blair H. Lee on the science of climate change. "Science is learned most effectively when there is a thoughtful pairing of scientific theories, models, and facts followed by hands-on labs and activities that focus on applying those theories, models and facts. Added benefit is that this is how science is done in the real world." Beginning with the first class, students will delve into assessing scientific theory utilizing the scientific method. Each class thereafter will build upon the skills learned while dissecting the cause and effect of climate change. Students should be confident readers and writers, eager to perform hands on activities in group and individual settings along with labs. This will be a 2 part course. Join Ms. Lynda and Mr. George for six weeks of The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming chapters.

The Great Debaters Club

Block 2 (10:00am)

Debate enhances critical thinking skills and confident communication. In this course, students will develop their oracy talents, while learning the skills required to engage in a spirited and fair debate, in a fast paced and hands-on learning environment. Students will learn how to debate in this six-week session, starting with the basic lingo, moving through the art of research and citing sources, culminating in debating topics with well-formed, researched arguments, or using research to defend their point of view. We encourage students, who are developing their oral communication skills, and are eager to learn individually and as a group, to join us for the first offering of "The Great Debaters Club".

Students should bring index cards to every class (as well as the other required Tuesday School supplies.)

Let’s Put On Our Thinking Cap

Block 3 (11:00am)

"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere." ~ Albert Einstein

Join us for six weeks of spontaneous problem-solving in a fun, creative, imaginative atmosphere. Our goal is to have the students practice divergent thinking skills with two hands-on challenges each week in an Odyssey of the Mind like problem-solving situations. Working in different teams each week will allow students to work together in social situations just as they would in the classroom, their daily lives, or down the road in the workplace. These challenges offer many possibly solutions in a short amount of time. We will discuss outcomes and how they got to their end result, encouraging origianl ideas and creativity.

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