Earth, Wind, & Fire

Earth, Wind, Fire and Water were once considered the basic elements. Science has come a long way since then, but in our Earth, Wind, & Fire courses, we'll be investigating the exciting physical world through Meteorlogy, Geology, Chemistry, and Oceanography. Students will have the opportunity to continue their Science studies at home with supplemental materials provided by your instructor for your portfolio. With an emphasis on hands-on experimentation, and project based learning, our students will have a thorough understanding of these science topics.


Quarter One

Weather is all around us, but how much do we really know? In this Earth, Wind & Fire course, our kiddos will be engaging in tons of hands-on experiments to answer important questions about things we see all the time, such as the sky, clouds, rainbows, storms, and more. We will explore and debunk weather myths as we discover all types of extreme weather conditions, and discover how to stay safe. This class will include an optional project and presentation about extreme weather safety, and finally test our knowledge with a kid-friendly natural disaster escape room.


Quarter Two

Elements, Atoms, and Molecules, Oh my! Starting with the basic units of matter, students will gain an understanding of how the world works, at a molecular level. What happens when we start combining elements? Amazing things! Safe (but, exciting) experiments will highlight the crazy things that can happen when atoms collide. This class will strongly emphasize the scientific method and encourage students to create their own experiments.

Geology & Fossils

Quarter Three

The earth holds many secrets, and this class is going to dig deep to reveal them. Students will get the dirt on plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes through hands-on experimentation. Then we will use the same procedures as real scientists, to learn what it really takes to be a paleontologist or geologist as we examine real fossils and rocks!
This class will be taught with a secular worldview.


Quarter Four

Here in SWFL the ocean is part of our daily life, but what do we really know about it? Our final science exploration is going to take our kids into the deep blue and give them an opportunity to understand and appreciate the ocean they think they know. Over six weeks, we are going to learn how to use SONAR to map the ocean floor, spend a day in the life of a ship voyager, use hands-on experiments to understand ocean water salinity and movement, examine the myth and reality of awesome ocean legends, and compare and contrast oceans around the world. This class will be a super fun and hands-on science experience.