All About Tuesday School

Brought to you by the creators of Homeschool Rocks!, Camp HSR! Tuesday School is fun-filled days of jam-packed learning, with classes that will entertain and challenge your student!

What time is Tuesday School?

Full-day program: 9:00am - 3:30pm
Morning half-day program: 9:00am - 11:45am
Afternoon half-day program: 12:45pm - 3:30pm

Lunch and Recess: 11:45 - 12:45
Supervised only for full-day students, but half-day students with their caregiver may choose to eat and play with us.

Eager Minds is only available in the morning session.

What are the dates of Tuesday School?

Quarter 1: September 11 - October 16

Quarter 2: October 23 - November 27

Winter Break: December 4 - January 29 (no classes)

Quarter 3: February 5 - March 12

Spring Break: March 19 (no classes)

Quarter 4: March 26 - April 30

Where is Tuesday School?

13411 Shire Ln., Fort Myers, FL 33912

(off Daniels, across from Fire Station 62)
at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers (not affiliated)

While classrooms are available for rainy days, most classes will take place on the extensive grounds, which include an amphitheater, a community garden, nature trails, and a labyrinth!

How do I register?

Registration is open now.
Complete the form to select your classes.

$25 registration fee (one-time per year) waived for first day registrations.

Submit payment upon receipt of your invoice (via email) to reserve your classes.

Select "no class" for your 2nd choice to cancel your registration if your 1st choice is unavailable.

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Who can come to Tuesday School?

Camp HSR! Tuesday School is open to all homeschoolers ages 3-14!

Parents are permitted to stay at Camp HSR! or drop-off their child.

All children must meet our Program Expectations and be in good health in order to participate.

What will my child need?

All students:

A backpack clearly labeled on the outside with their name (We recommend a luggage tag!)

A pencil box containing coloring utensils, glue, pencils (and sharpener), and safety scissors.

Snacks (and lunch for full-day students)

Water bottle labeled with their name

Eager Minds and Challengers:

A change of clothes (our classes may be outdoors and messy!)

A 6"x9" drawing pad

A pocket folder

Leaning Middles:

A composition notebook

Some classes may require an additional item, listed in the course description.

Please label all of your students supplies to help minimize our lost and found!

What is expected at each level?

Eager Minds

This program is designed for students who are still learning identification of letters (by sound or name), identification and application of numbers 0-9, are still developing cooperation skills, and are beginning to learn how to complete daily tasks with assistance.


This program is designed for students who have developed some reading, writing, and basic math skills, will manage some tasks without assistance, and will cooperate in a group setting.

Leaning Middles

This program is designed for students who read and write at a minimum 5th grade level, manage tasks independently, and possess the maturity for upper-level discussions.

What are the benefits of Tuesday School?

Socialization: All classes have interactive, student-centered, group-based learning activities.

Portfolio: Teachers provide documentation for your homeschool portfolio, including photos.

Drop-off: You have the option to drop off your child.

Materials: Teachers will send home supplemental materials and a course outline so you can continue learning at home. Make-up materials provided for missed classes.

Instruction: Our awesome teachers are homeschool moms just like you. They have unique skills and big hearts to share with your child.

What is the Tuesday School philosophy?

Growth Mindset: Just because you haven't done it yet, doesn't mean you can't. Our goal is to give kids the confidence to try, even if they might fail. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn.

Group Learning: We believe our children benefit from cooperating with others, and learning in a group. Sometimes it's just more fun! Teamwork, self-awareness, and empathy are just some of the side effects of group learning.

School Family: A happy, relaxed child will have an open mind for learning. We encourage building a strong connection, among students, teachers, and parents, to create a safe space for our kids to be who they are!

Conscious Discipline: We are dedicated to helping children manage themselves, so we follow the principles of conscious discipline to teach self-regulation when the need arises.