Tuesday School is back in September 2020!

Tuesday School

That's right! We'll be back September 2020. In an effort to keep everyone safe and comfortable during this time, we've made a few updates to our program.

For the first time ever, we'll be allowing single-week registration for families who aren't yet ready to commit to six weeks of classes. Each week we'll cover a different topic in the Arts, STEM, Social Studies, and Sciences.

We're also adding new Thursday Intensives and Virtual Programming!

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Check out our health and safety guidelines for this upcoming school year.

Parent Homeschool Support Meetings

Homeschool Support Meetings

Join us for virtual meetings to support your homeschool journey!
July 14 - Intro to Homeschooling
July 16 - Camp HSR! Virtual Open House
July 21 - Homeschool Rocks! Virtual Open House
July 23 - Homeschooling your Special Needs Student
July 28 - Short Term Homeschooling
July 30 - Choosing a curriculum
August 4 - Time Management, Planners and Schedules
August 6 - Portfolio Evaluations


Meeting info will be sent via email.

Winter Show 2019

Our amazing students did a great job at the winter show! We are so proud of them and their accomplishments. Enjoy this video of the 2019 Winter Show!

Newspaper Club

Newspaper Club

Our Newspaper Class did an amazing job in Quarter 1 publishing "Homeschooled in the Woods". So many of our students were excited to be a part of the newspaper staff, and they didn't want the fun to end!
Students can now join the Newspaper Club. They'll meet for about 15 minutes during lunch at Tuesday School and receive their assignments. Quarter 3 meetings will be in Week 2 and 4. Students will complete their writing assignments at home.

If your student would like to join, email info@camphsr.com

Download "Homeschooled in the Woods" Issue 1

Download "Homeschooled in the Woods" Issue 2

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Camp HSR! is fun-filled days of jam-packed learning, with activities that will entertain and challenge your student. Kids and parents alike, are thrilled with the offerings from HSR! But don't take our word for it...