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Tuesday School

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Tuesday School is a full or half day drop-off program with supplemental classes for students ages 5-13. Students work together in classes with lessons built around group-learning. Engaging activities like escape rooms, presentations, science experiments and more create a safe environment for kids to learn together. Choose our Morning Session or Afternoon Session or both! Full day students enjoy an hour lunch and recess break between sessions. In order to give our families the flexibility they need during the pandemic, students may register for one week or multiple weeks. Please see our Covid-19 guidelines for details on how we'll be keeping our students safe this year.
6 weeks - $180 half day OR $330 full day

Morning Session

For Quarter 1, our morning session will focus on Art and Science.
Week 1: Abstract Art AND Weather Science
Week 2: Music & Dance Through the Ages AND Chemistry and the Scientific Method
Week 3: Stop-Motion Storytelling AND Anatomy
Week 4: Pastel Art AND Escape the Natural Disaster
Week 5: Exploring the Elements of Art AND Landforms
Week 6: The Art of Symmetry AND Energy

Afternoon Session

For Quarter 1, our afternoon session will focus on Social Studies and STEM.
Week 1: Florida History AND Circuit Challenge
Week 2: Our Constitution AND Aeronautics in Action
Week 3: Wonders of the World AND Learn to Code
Week 4: Traditions around the World AND Engineering Challenge
Week 5: Black History AND Rockets
Week 6: Geneology AND Problem Solving

Dates and Times

Every Tuesday, 9:00-3:00 (Mornings 9:00-11:30, Afternoons 12:30-3:00)
Quarter 1:September 8, 2020 - October 13, 2020
Quarter 2: October 20, 2020 - November 24

Thursday Intensives

Thursday Intensives is a half day drop-off program with supplemental classes for students ages 5-13. The focus of these classes will be Language Arts and Math. These classes are designed to support the curriculum you use at home and give your student extra practice and group learning opportunities. Please see our Covid-19 guidelines for details on how we'll be keeping our students safe this year.
6 weeks - $180

Kindergarten-3rd Grade

For Quarter 1, our younger students will study:
In this course, we'll be comparing and contrasting folktales from around the world. Classes will include dramatic interpretations, graphic organizers, read alouds, and more to learn about the art of storytelling.
Geometry and Measuring
Each week, we'll investigate shapes and the early principles of geometry including shape identification, 3-d shapes, measuring, and doing basic calculations.

3rd-7th Grade

For Quarter 1, our older students will study:
Analyzing Literature
Using a book-club format, we'll be sharing, discussing, analyzing, and enjoying literature in this 6-week course. Prior to the start of class, a reading assignment will be provided to students.
Multiplication and Division
We'll spend 6-weeks doubling down on strategies of multiplication and division for upper-elementary students, using games and interactive activities aimed at mastery. Math has never been more fun.

Dates and Times

Every Thursday, 9:00-12:00
Quarter 1:September 3, 2020 - October 8, 2020
Quarter 2: October 15, 2020 - November 19

Virtual Programs

For our students and families who are choosing to stay home for their health and safety, we are offering several programs. Families will pick up a bag of supplies (contactless pick-up available) to be used throughout the course.

Virtual Preschool Circle Time

Dates: Wednesdays at 10am, September 2 - November 25
Preschool Circle Time is a fun experience for preschoolers to learn together. Students will learn a letter each week (half the alphabet this semester) and do a variety of fun activities.
Semester 1 Theme: Nursery Rhymes
13 weeks - $104 includes supplies

Virtual Elementary Challenge Course

Date and Time: Wednesdays at 1pm, September 9 - October 14
In this course, elementary students will be challenged to learn and grow together with a variety of activities.
Quarter 1 Theme: STEAM Challenges
6 weeks - $48 includes supplies

Virtual Middle Grades Novel Study

Date and Time: Wednesdays at 3:30pm, September 2 - October 7
This course is for enthusiastic readers, grades 4-8, who would like to discuss literature with peers and learn about literary elements. (Books chosen for this course will have both print and audio options to suit your reader's needs.)
Quarter 1 Book: Front Desk by Kelly Yang
6 weeks - $48 includes supplies and book

Virtual Spanish

Date and Time: Mondays at 3pm, September 7 - October 12
This weekly course is for elementary and middle school aged students who would like to learn Spanish and practice speaking together. Students will learn to ask and answer questions, introduce themselves, talk about hobbies and more.
Quarter 1 Theme: Making Friends
6 weeks - $48 includes supplies

Homeschool Program Location

Our Tuesday and Thursday programs are hosted in Central Fort Myers at 4141 Deleon Street. Located on the campus of Wesley Memorial United Methodist (not affiliated), we have indoor and outdoor classroom spaces to accomodate all types of interactive classes.

Virtual programs are hosted on Zoom and taught by one of our dedicated instructors.

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Camp HSR! is a Florida Non-Profit Corporation from the founders of the Fort Myers, FL based Homeschool Rocks! Co-op. We specialize in educational classes and events.


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