About CampHSR!

Who are we?

We are Amanda and Allison. We are women, moms, teachers, leaders, fun-have-ers, and awesome! In 2016, we founded Homeschool Rocks!, a Fort Myers, Florida cooperative for homeschool students. We began planning weekly field trips, classes, and other events geared towards elementary-aged kids, quickly realizing that the homeschooling community in SWFL is huge, varied, and dynamic. As our group grew (presently our membership is roughly 800), so did the demand for high-quality and reliable programming. In the 2017-2018 school year alone, we organized 34 field trips, 9 special events and more than 50 classes, ranging from art, physical education, nature, music, and more. From this hectic schedule spawned the idea to open a day camp. This would be a place where our kiddos could learn, laugh, and play together, all in one place and in one day, with the added perk of giving some of our moms a little break in their schedules!

As a web designer and business major, Amanda is the gatekeeper of our little operation. Anytime you check out our website or view one of our flyers, message us online, or register for an event, you are playing with Amanda.

Allison is the social chair of Camp HSR! and Homeschool Rocks! Always scheduling, planning, and talking with folks, Allison is our face, voice, and master of ceremonies.

What are we?

We are your community. We are friendship. We are a fun zone. We are teamwork. We are individuality. We are where education meets excitement.

Camp HSR! is a place where you can bring your kids to laugh, learn, grow, and connect with friends and peers. Camp HSR! is a place where you can turn to get homeschooling advice, commiserate, make mom friends, and feel secure that your child is getting a diverse and dynamic homeschooling experience.

Camp HSR! teachers and administrators are committed to ensuring that your child, and theirs, are developing the skills and knowledge they need to grow into productive and outstanding members of society. We are working hard to put together curriculum and classes that will be unique, fun, and important for our kids. At the same time, it is our mission to allow our students, and our own children, to have the opportunity to focus on their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. We want to meet your child where they are. We want your child to be who they are, and we want your child to feel free and feel safe to turn their imagination into reality, free from judgment.

Camp HSR! strives to offer homeschooling families through SWFL precisely what we want for our own homeschooling kids. We are committed to seeing our kids and our entire homeschool community thrive. Come play with us!

What is our philsophy?

Growth Mindset: Just because you haven't done it yet, doesn't mean you can't. Our goal is to give kids the confidence to try, even if they might fail. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn.

Group Learning: We believe our children benefit from cooperating with others, and learning in a group. Sometimes it's just more fun! Teamwork, self-awareness, and empathy are just some of the side effects of group learning.

School Family: A happy, relaxed child will have an open mind for learning. We encourage building a strong connection, among students, teachers, and parents, to create a safe space for our kids to be who they are!

Conscious Discipline: We are dedicated to helping children manage themselves, so we follow the principles of conscious discipline to teach self-regulation when the need arises.

Not just for homeschoolers anymore!

Camp HSR! strives to make quality programming available to ALL kids in SWFL. Our 2021 summer camp, is open to homeschoolers and traditionally-schooled kids alike. Camp HSR! summer camp will not focus on homeschool activities, or demand any prerequisite knowledge or experience. As with all of our other activities, our goal is to be educational in an exciting way, so to foster a love of learning we believe is innate in all children, regardless of their school-year activities! So join us, and give your child an opportunity to see what a blast learning can be!

About Us

Camp HSR! is a Florida Non-Profit Corporation from the founders of the Fort Myers, FL based Homeschool Rocks! Co-op. We specialize in educational classes and events.



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