About Ms. Allison

"If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much."
--Jacqueline Kennedy

After a long and storied life as a dancer, a sorority girl, a juvenile detention facility guard, a private investigator, and the wearer of many other colorful hats, Allison settled down with her handsome husband, Mogens from Denmark, had two beautiful little girls, and made the natural transition to open a home daycare with her mom and grandma. This small operation specialized in cloth diapering and positive parenting. After several successful years, as Elisa and Diana grew older, Allison decided to venture into homeschooling and founded Homeschool Rocks! with her trusty sidekick, Amanda. Since 2016, Allison has been in charge of scheduling and organizing field trips, as well as planning and teaching a variety of classes and events. She has proven herself amongst the youngsters to be cheerful, bossy, energetic, and stubborn – basically very easily relating to small children. These days, when she's not running their family business, (a handyman company), operating the non-profit she founded, (register to vote!), planning Homeschool Rocks! events, and homeschooling her girls, she likes to spend the remaining 1 percent of her time working out, doing yoga, reading, playing games, having date nights or girls' nights, or staring at the wall in blissful silence. Allison's current claim to fame: Her kindergartener is starting to read and write, and her preschooler is pretending to do the same. They also are showing signs of being nice, which is hopeful.

P.S. Allison possess a BA and MS in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University. Be advised, this only helps keep adults in line, not children.

Ms. Allison's Classes

Global Trek
Life Skills
Brain Power
Earth, Wind & Fire
Wild Child

My mom is a good teacher because...

"...she does everything how I want it. She's awesome and she's cool and she makes cool things." - Elisa, age 6

"...she just wants to teach kids." - Diana, age 4