About Private Sophie June

"Dogs never bite me. Just humans."
--Marilyn Monroe

Hello, hello, hello! I'm Private Sophie June, but you can just call me Sophie. I'm the mascot of Camp HSR! I live with my mom, Allison, and sisters, Elisa and Diana. I'm only 1 year old, but I've already learned lots of things. For example, there's nothing in the entire world that isn't edible. This includes shoes and wood and rocks and drywall and sunglasses. My mom says this isn't good behavior, but I'm really cute, so I'm not really sure that anything she says matters.

My hobbies include chasing balls, digging in sand, licking food off the ground, and shedding; but my all-time favorite past time is convincing people to touch me constantly. I do this by smiling and following people as closely as possible until they give in. The trouble is that I don't think everyone, everywhere knows how much they want to pet me, but they do, and they will, and they will like it. One of my favorite places to get lots of attention is Tuesday School. I have learned that if I don't bark or run away, I can spend a whole day having awesomely amazing kids tell me I'm great. I love being told I'm great. I love everything. I love you. I love life. I'm a yellow Labrador, and the world is wonderful. I look forward to being pet by you.