About Ms. Amanda

"So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it."
--Gene Wilder as Mr. Willy Wonka

Amanda, Amanda, Amanda! This lady has been awesoming all over the place for years. Business Admin degree, owned a smoothie shop, private school teacher for elementary and middle school, lifeguard, swim instructor, camp counselor, Girl Scout - blah blah blah.

Amanda is the mom to a prince, a pirate, and a princess. That takes up a lot of time, since she has to follow orders from all of them. This can sometimes get confusing, but she is very organized. Fortunately, while she was in college, in an effort to impress her now-husband, she learned computer programming, so you’re presently looking at her handywork. She is the gatekeeper for Homeschool Rocks!, which she co-founded with her trusty sidekick, Allison.

Amanda decided to homeschool her kiddos because it gave them the opportunity and time to build on their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. However, the importance of community has never been far from her mind, so she’s using her skills and background to offer as many opportunities as possible to her own children and others by building the Camp HSR! and Homeschool Rocks! families.

My mom is a good teacher because...

"...when we get stuck, she always helps us." -Davíd, age 11

"...she knows all the things." - Rafael, age 8

"...she loves to teach us." - Liliana, age 4