About Ms. Elizabeth

"Bloom where you are planted."
--St. Francis DeSales

Elizabeth is a superhero disguised as a mom. With seven destructive curious and brilliant children to wrangle, two loyal dogs, an intrepid guinea pig, and a yard full of bird feeders, she's mastered the art of multitasking like a boss. But her journey to superhero status didn't start with changing diapers and superhero capes – it began in the hospitality industry in Southeastern Michigan. It was there that fate intervened and led her to becoming a Fire Controlman in the United States Navy, where she met her husband, Chris, the co-conspirator in their heroic parenting adventures.

Upon completing her tour of duty, Elizabeth became both a mother and a master of charity work, championing causes like the USO and Helping Hands for Tohoku. She even became a Navy Ombudsman, the official superhero of keeping military families happy and informed. In her spare time (if such a thing exists for her), she organized a meetup group for military spouses and was part of the founding team of Human Milk for Human Babies, because even superheroes need to nourish the world.

After settling in Fort Myers, Elizabeth continued her quest to save the world by volunteering with various charities. She had a stint as an Early Learning Coalition Literacy Buddy, spreading the power of reading to young minds, and as a scholarship reviewer for the Collaboratory. She currently holds a seat on the board of SMDP Outreach, helping to make sure everyone has the opportunity to be nourished physically and mentally and grow their powers to their fullest potential.

Now, Ms. Elizabeth has added a new skill to her superhero resume: Teaching Yearbook and Journalism at Tuesday School. Armed with her trusty camera (phone) and her creative mind, she will teach your little heroes the secrets of content creation and capturing moments that would make even the Avengers jealous.

My mom is a good teacher because...

"...she is patient with frustrated people." - Chris, age 17

"...she helps me organize my schoolwork." - Declan, age 14

"...she will go through a problem several times just to help us get it." - Conor, age 12

"...she is patient." - Cordelia, age 10

"...she lets me take a break when I need one." - Elena, age 8

"...I’m smart!" - Peregrine, age 2

"...Mamamamamamama!" - Paloma, age 9 months