About Mr. Seth

"All we are is dust in the wind, dude."
--Ted "Theodore" Logan, "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"

Seth lives in Florida.
We are happy to have Seth.
Seth can't get a tan.

Let's have a warm welcome for our newest addition, Seth! Mr. Seth is a journalist by trade, not a poet. With a journalism degree from University of Florida, he worked as a writer and reporter for 25 years, including the last 20 in Fort Myers and with The News-Press until 2019. Fun Fact: Seth won't be teaching language arts. Go figure.

After several frustrating years in a traditional classroom setting, Seth feels fortunate to have been able to begin homeschooling his youngest son in 2019. He considers this a gift, because Seth has a positive attitude. We consider Seth a gift, because he says funny stuff.

Mr. Seth believes in balance in all things in life: work and play, laughter and tears, teaching and learning; sometimes over a bed of fresh greens, other times sprinkled over ice cream. The challenge is learning when to push and when to step back. He gives himself a "B" so far, but as with all things, he's a work in progress.

Welcome, Mr. Seth! We're happy to have you! We're also really happy you once were featured in an advertisement for milk*.

*When fact-checking this page, Mr. Seth informed us that he was the poster boy for a grocery store, not milk, and unfortunately the proposed advertising campaign never ran.

My dad is a good teacher because...

"...he shows me how to do things instead of just telling me to do it." -Jackson, age 11